Coors Light

Coors Light Indiana Pacers Pack
Each year, Coors Light produces hundreds of special edition boxes for professional sports teams. For the Indiana Pacers, the client asked that the boxes have a bold shelf presence and feature the “Play like a Pacer” contest information. The final design took inspiration from the team’s uniform, pairing Pacers’ navy and yellow with the Coors Light silver. The design wraps the box to create the attention-grabbing “billboard effect” when stacked together in store.
Contribution: packaging design

Coors Light Summer Cooler Bag
In celebration of summer, Coors Light releases a yearly special edition pack of 24 cans enclosed in a branded cooler bag. For summer 2014, our goal was to design a product that consumers would gladly use again in the future. The coolers needed to telegraph the idea of “summer” and become a disruptive presence in supermarkets around the country. The resulting designs transformed the Coors Light brand visuals into bold patterns and super graphics.
Contribution: packaging design

Selected design.
Alternate design.
Art Direction: Mark Webb
Client: Miller Coors
Designed at Landor Associates
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